so today was pretty rad, my sister visited and gave me a birthday present and i got to see my nieces for the first time in ages which was lovely and we took like 100 selfies then i went to my uncle’s for a bbq and i had a rad time with my cousins and we sat and talked about feminism for like 4 hours and it was amazing then afterwards my cousin and i went for a drive and bought mcflurries then went to mt.ridley and looked upon melbourne and it was nice ahhh i’m going to miss them so much but i guess 2 months isn’t that long

i need to get up and clean my room and get changed and uguhghu so much effort 


Davey Havok: from Danzig’s twin to my grandma’s couch in just 14 years.




Can we stop perpetuating the idea that all rapists are mentally ill? Not only does it add fuel to the myth that mentally ill people are dangerous and scary, it also implies that we can’t hold rapists responsible for their actions. Rape is a premeditated act of violence and rapists know exactly what they’re doing.