asking for straight pride is like asking for able bodied parking spaces

thats a really good comparison because there are about seventy able bodied parking spaces to one disabled and able bodied people still insist on using the ones that arent theirs

also i’m angry bc i’ll miss out on like 8 episodes of Game of Thrones like fuck my life tbh

i’m waiting at the gate now and making use of the free wifi but omg my niece started crying when she realised i’m leaving and i’m so shattered right now i miss her already :(

selfies with my one and only
travel anxiety kicking in thanks to mum freaking out over boarding passes etc within the first 5 minutes ughhh i’m so done with my parents an i have to fly with them ffs also hi also bye

Fall out boy’s snapchat is life

Jason Butler // letlive.

Googled ‘90’s photos’, was not disappointed.